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Millionaire Kids & Teens Camp:

(for children 11 to 18 years of age)


This is a series of five recorded online Zoom classes of our Millionaire Kids & Teens Camp. 

Each recorded Zoom session is between 40 and 60 minutes in length.

Here is the summary of the topics your child will learn:

Day 1: Basics of money management (saving, smart spending, needs vs. wants, earning money, etc.)

Day 2: Budgeting

Day 3: Basics of investing

Day 4: Credit cards, debt and credit score

Day 5: Protecting ourselves from financial fraud and identity theft, and overview of all the topics taught for the past 5 days.

Your child will also receive a workbook for each day's class that will help them fortify their knowledge on that particular topic.

The parents also receive a tip sheet with suggestions how to continue teaching each of the topics discussed in the camp, and how to open up and continue the money dialogue from home.

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Frequent Q & A:

Question: Who is this course for?

Answer: This is for a student who can not join our regular Millionaire Kids & Teens camp, and who wants to learn the topics on their own time at their own pace.

Question: Is it better for my child to join the camp or watch the recorded sessions?

Answer: If the child is in a position to join the regular camp, we strongly suggest that. The actual camp is very interactive, and the students learn while playing games and having fun.  However, if your child can not join the camp, they will still get a lot of value and learn from the recorded sessions.

Question: Is this product available for refund?

Answer: Due to the online nature of this course, it is not eligible for refunds. If you have any questions, please email us at

Cost: $49 USD

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