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Online course - Older Kid

Teach Your Child To Become a Millionaire

(online course for parents of children 11 - 18 years of age)


Have you started to teach your tween or teen to be financially responsible?

This 90 minute course will provide you with clear pathway to teach your child value of money. Based on our wholesome financial literacy framework, you will develop a personalized plan to teach your child various aspects of financial literacy in accordance with your family values.  


You will be provided with easy to use teaching tips and tools that can be implemented in everyday life.


You will learn to teach your child about budgeting, credit cards, debt, banking, cashless payments and how to protect themselves from financial fraud and identity theft. 


You will be introduced to different allowance methods and decide which one is best for your family. You will learn how to teach your child all they need to know regarding finances when they get their first job. 

Additionally the course will provide you with various tools to encourage your child to save and invest. 

You will receive printable resources and workbooks that will assist you in developing your own unique money teaching approach.

Note: Due to the online nature of this course, it is not eligible for refunds. If you have any questions, please email us at

Duration: 90 minutes

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  • How to teach your child about:

    • budgeting

    • credit cards

    • debt

    • banking

    • cashless economy

    • saving

    • smart spending

    • donating

    • investing

    • financial fraud

    • identity theft

  • Which allowance method (if any) works best for your family

  • All financial aspects associated with a first job

  • How to open up communication channels about money with your child

  • Develop a unique money teaching blueprint that is in line with your family values

Cost: $69 USD      

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