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Use Holiday Fliers to Teach Kids Budgeting and Prioritization Skills

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Fliers can be a great tool to teach kids financial literacy

It's that time of the year when we are getting bombarded with fliers and holiday promotions.

If you partake in the holiday gift giving for your children, you can use that to your advantage and teach the kids couple of financial literacy lessons.

First, ask them to cut out pictures of all the toys that they like. If they are too young to work with scissors, they can circle the toys that they want and you can cut them out. Just make sure that you copy all the pages in case they like toys in the front and the back of the same page.

If you have a budget, ask them to look for toys whose cost starts with a particular digit. For example, if your or Santa's budget is $60, tell them to look for toys with a price that starts with number 5 or lower. Also they should make sure that the price consists of 2 digits only.

With this exercise the kids will learn prioritization and budgeting skills.

If your child is older then you can ask them to circle items from fliers that add up to the total amount of the budget. For example, if the budget is $100, they just need to make sure that all circled items add up to that amount or less. This is a good way to practice math. :)

Once all the items have been circled and cut out, ask the child to glue the photos on a blank sheet of paper in priority order. They should start with the most wanted toy first and end with the least wanted toy. This teaches them prioritization skills and understanding that they can not have all the toys, but need to select the ones that are the most wanted. It also teaches them delayed gratification as they will have to patiently wait to receive the toy that is on top of that sheet.

Do you partake in holiday gift giving? If so, do you have any money smart strategies that you can share?

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