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From Piggy Bank to Stocks
The Ultimate Guide for a Young Investor

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This book is the ultimate guide for any budding young investor.

Introduce your child to the exciting world of investing with this engaging workbook that makes learning about financial concepts easy and fun.

What you'll discover inside this book

This book provides an engaging and educational experience for children to learn about investing.

Here's what to expect:


Learn with real-world examples that make financial concepts easy to understand.


Dive into a fun workbook for hands-on learning, turning finance into an exciting adventure.


Complex finance topics are explained in a language suitable for a reader ages ten and older.


About the book

  • Introduces children to the exciting world of investing

  • Teaches fundamentals of interest rates and inflation, explores stock market, and various investment products

  • Helps children acquire knowledge and confidence to start investing and building a secure financial future

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This book will turn your child into a savvy investor...

Here are some key concepts they'll explore:

  • Interest

  • Inflation

  • Compound Interest

  • Stock exchange

  • Market timing

  • Dividends

  • Short & long-term

  • investing

  • Portfolio

  • Diversification

  • Stocks

  • Index Funds

  • ETF Funds


Here is Why This Book is a Must-Have

It's a great choice for young investors. It will:

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Empower with Financial Wisdom

The content will empower your child with financial wisdom, make investing exciting, and pursue the path of financial freedom.

Spark Financial Genius Early

Ignite your child's financial genius and equip them with essential investing skills early. This is something that many of us wish we learned earlier.

Instill Confidence in Investing

Build confidence to start investing, with clear explanations of market jargon, such as bull and bear markets, capital gains and losses, diversification, and more.

Empower with Financial Wisdom

Your child will be inspired to start investing sooner and take advantage of the long-term benefits of investing and building wealth.

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What Other Parents and Kids Have to Say About the Book

“The book is well written, well researched, and easy to follow. I wish I had this book when I was a kid!”

- Shana Schader - parent

"The book definitely inspired [my son] to invest. Right from the beginning with the computer (inflation/investment) section, he was horrified at the thought of not being able to buy his computer at the end of a year because of inflation."

- Jessica Smith - parent

"Overall, I liked the book. The aesthetic was nice and the information was presented in a clear and simple fashion, suitable for younger readers. The book helped me understand the world of investing a bit better. The explanations were nice and simple and the examples were definitely well used and very useful."

- Zoe Jovcic - student

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About the Author

MAYA CORBIC is a CPA who draws on her years of experience as a CFO, auditor, and tax accountant to teach kids the ins and outs of financial literacy.


As the founder of the Wealthy Kids Investment Club (www.WealthyKids.Club), Maya is passionate about simplifying investing and helping families grow their wealth.


With her popular Instagram account, she's inspired hundreds of thousands of parents to raise financially independent kids.

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Tired of confusing finance books that leave you and your child baffled?

This book is the ultimate gateway to simplifying investing for your child, even if you are struggling to grasp some investment concepts.

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Who is this book for?

  • The book is suitable for readers aged 10 and older

  • It transforms the typically dry topic of investing into an enjoyable experience, featuring vibrant illustrations 

  • During pre-publication tests, parents not only found their children benefiting but also discovered a newfound comfort with investing themselves

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Think of this book as a colorful and entertaining take on the 'For Dummies' series about investing

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