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Do you want to talk with your child about money,

but do not know where to start? 

Use our FREE Money Talk Calendar to open up the communication channels between you and your child about money.


This calendar has 31 money related daily discussion topics. You can conveniently keep it pinned on your office board or on your fridge. Every day you and your child can enjoy discussing different financial literacy topics.

Couple of tips:

- When talking to your child about money, always make sure that you keep the discussion positive and try to explain concepts at an age appropriate level.

- Some parents (who have used the calendar before) have mentioned that they had to look up answers to some of the questions online. If that happens to you, don't worry. This represents a perfect opportunity to learn alongside your child. 

- Keep in mind that these daily discussions are supposed to be fun and open up the dialogue with your child about money. 

To obtain a digital copy of this FREE calendar, provide your email address below and a downloadable copy will be sent to you immediately.


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