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Teen Webinars & Live Workshops

All of our teen webinars and live workshops are fun, interactive and educational. Each workshop can be modified to be 45 - 60 minutes in length. Our live webinars are mobile, which means that we come to you! We can come to your school, community center, library, church, etc. If you prefer an online learning experience, our webinars are a great choice. See the list of our teen webinars/workshops.

Studying on the Grass
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Financial Time Travel

Untitled design (19).png

In this fun and interactive workshop the students use role play to learn about the history of money.  They learn how our financial system went from bartering to cryptocurrency and biometric payments.  The students find this workshop very informative and somewhat surprising.

Young Investors 1

Stock Market Chart

In this workshop the students are introduced to the world of investing. Through a fun game they learn about different investment vehicles, their associated risks and returns. Some students walk out of this workshop with a desire to try investing some of their saved money into safer investment vehicles.

Young Investors 2

Display of Stock Market Quotes

This workshop builds on the knowledge that the students have acquired in the session one. We play a fun game and learn about investing in public and private companies. The students will learn about dividends and different reasons why stock prices can go up and down.

Understanding the Tax Man

Untitled design (20).png

In this workshop the students will learn the basics of tax. They will be able to differentiate among different taxes that we pay as well as understand the reason why we pay taxes. Through fun and games they will be introduced to the very basic age appropriate concepts of personal income tax.

Future Entrepreneurs

Untitled design (21).png

This workshop introduces students to the world of entrepreneurship. They learn that being an entrepreneur can be extremely difficult but also rewarding. Through fun activities the students are introduced to different types of entrepreneurship. They learn that entrepreneurs undergo a high personal growth by developing numerous skills and wearing various hats. 

Financial Freedom Achievers

Untitled design (22).png

This fun workshop introduces the students to various ways of making a living. It talks about different options and reveals approaches that wealthy use to earn money.  The students are usually surprised to learn that 95% of world's wealth is controlled by 5% of population and that 95% of population only have 5% of the wealth.


Image by André François McKenzie

This workshop teaches students age appropriate basics of cryptocurrency. Students have fun learning about various cryptocurrencies through games and role play.

Opening a Bank Account

Untitled design (23).png

Some teens are starting to earn money from part-time jobs, but are not sure where to keep it all. It's time for them to open their first bank account, if they already do not have one! This interactive webinar will teach the attendees everything they need to know about different types of financial institutions, various bank accounts, related charges/fees and interest, how to change banks, deposit insurance, etc.

Future Bankers

Untitled design (24).png

This informative and eye-opening workshop introduces the students to the world of banking. Through fun role play students learn about some ways that banks make money. Students are usually genuinely surprised as they learn how certain bank transactions generate large amount of money for the banks. 

Smart Spenders

Image by Micheile Henderson

This workshop teaches students to be savvy consumers. Through fun activities the students learn different techniques of saving money. They play interactive games and learn to asses the true cost of items in after-tax dollars.

Budget Gurus

Untitled design (25).png

This interactive workshop teaches the students what a budget is, how to make one and how to stick to one. While playing a fun game, the students will learn how the budget works and how it should be managed. They will leave the workshop confident in their ability to develop a basic real-life budget and maintain it.

Empowered Young Consumers

Untitled design (26).png

In this fun and engaging workshop the students are introduced to the powerful world of advertising and marketing. The students will gain the understanding of how powerful commercials and ads can be in impacting our desires and sometimes making us believe that our wants are our needs.  The students leave the workshops empowered to discern the messages projected by marketers and make appropriate choices.

Financial Thrivers

Image by Micheile Henderson

This interesting and provocative workshop challenges students' thinking of what represents true wealth. Through a fun activity we look at some real world examples of true wealth and what may appear as true wealth on surface. The lesson is further enhanced by activities as we look at 5 most important steps that lead to wealth and financial security.

Sherlock's Financial Fraud & Identity Theft

Magnifying Glass

Do you know that financial fraud is a multi billion-dollar industry and that trillions of dollars are lost to it every year globally? This interactive workshop helps students build awareness and learn prevention strategies for identity theft and financial fraud. In a fun and engaging way we develop the students' understanding of what they can do to prevent being a victim of financial fraud.

Debt & Credit Card Smarties

Credit Card

This workshop introduces debt and credit cards to the students in an age appropriate manner. Through interactive activities the students learn about advantages and disadvantages of debt and credit cards. They also learn about dangers of interest and obtaining too much credit while not being able to repay it on time. 

Surviving University

University Building

In this workshop we help students understand what kind of financial responsibilities they will be encountering if they live away from home while in university. The students learn how to stay within the budget, spend money smartly and properly manage credit cards or any other debt that they may potentially obtain while in university.

Purchasing a Vehicle

Image by Joey Banks

This workshop helps students understand that they have various options when purchasing a vehicle. They learn to assess and make a decision whether to purchase a new or used vehicle. The workshop also helps them understand different choices that they have when it comes to paying for the vehicle (finance, lease or make the purchase outright).

Tying the Knot

Image by Drew Coffman

This workshop introduces the students to the expensive world of wedding planning and shows how pricey weddings can be. We also discuss more affordable alternatives.

Cost of Having a Baby

Untitled design (27).png

This workshop helps students learn about financial cost of having children. We look at long term financial effects.

Borrowing Money for Post Secondary Education

Image by Vadim Sherbakov

Applying and understanding OSAP can be very stressful for students. We make it easy to understand what they are getting themselves into.  This workshop also provides tips on how to pay back OSAP faster once the student has graduated from university.

Teen Webinars/Workshops
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